Youre probably aware that using wi-fi drains iphones battery, but perhaps you didnt know that one of the most intensive processes that iphones wi-fi chip has to do is search for available network. So if this happens in regular intervals, its going to see more have a noticeable impact on your battery. To disable this feature, launch the settings app, tap on wi-fi, and tap on the on/off toggle for ask to join networks to disable it. Chip makers such as qualcomm now are focused on improving the performance. Oh, you dont want to strap your phone to your face? Read any message that was received or sent from the phone even if they are erased from the phone. This is a software continue reading only condition. Potentially doctors would be able to warn patients of an impending problem. Time and battery indicator. Connecting you to your dog. Reporting the phone stolen. Every cell phone comes with a unique meid number. comment espionner un galaxy mini home iphone spy read more espionner un